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The Swoole\Http\Client class

(PECL swoole >= 1.9.0)


Class synopsis

class Swoole\Http\Client {
/* Properties */
public $errCode;
public $sock;
/* Methods */
public addFile(
    string $path,
    string $name,
    string $type = ?,
    string $filename = ?,
    string $offset = ?
): void
public close(): void
public __destruct(): void
public download(
    string $path,
    string $file,
    callable $callback,
    int $offset = ?
): void
public execute(string $path, string $callback): void
public get(string $path, callable $callback): void
public isConnected(): bool
public on(string $event_name, callable $callback): void
public post(string $path, string $data, callable $callback): void
public push(string $data, string $opcode = ?, string $finish = ?): void
public set(array $settings): void
public setCookies(array $cookies): void
public setData(string $data): ReturnType
public setHeaders(array $headers): void
public setMethod(string $method): void
public upgrade(string $path, string $callback): void




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