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(PECL xdiff >= 0.2.0)

xdiff_file_merge3Merge 3 files into one


xdiff_file_merge3 ( string $old_file , string $new_file1 , string $new_file2 , string $dest ) : mixed

Merges three files into one and stores the result in a file dest. The old_file is an original version while new_file1 and new_file2 are modified versions of an original.



Path to the first file. It acts as "old" file.


Path to the second file. It acts as modified version of old_file.


Path to the third file. It acts as modified version of old_file.


Path of the resulting file, containing merged changed from both new_file1 and new_file2.

Return Values

Returns true if merge was successful, string with rejected chunks if it was not or false if an internal error happened.


Example #1 xdiff_file_merge3() example

The following code merges three files into one.

$fix1 'script_with_fix1.php';
$fix2 'script_with_fix2.php';

$errors xdiff_file_merge3($old_version$fix1$fix2'fixed_script.php');
if (
is_string($errors)) {

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