Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

NIL (integer)
OP_DEBUG (integer)
OP_READONLY (integer)
Open mailbox read-only
OP_ANONYMOUS (integer)
Don't use or update a .newsrc for news (NNTP only)
OP_SILENT (integer)
OP_PROTOTYPE (integer)
OP_HALFOPEN (integer)
For IMAP and NNTP names, open a connection but don't open a mailbox.
OP_EXPUNGE (integer)
OP_SECURE (integer)
CL_EXPUNGE (integer)
silently expunge the mailbox before closing when calling imap_close()
FT_UID (integer)
The parameter is a UID
FT_PEEK (integer)
Do not set the \Seen flag if not already set
FT_NOT (integer)
FT_INTERNAL (integer)
The return string is in internal format, will not canonicalize to CRLF.
ST_UID (integer)
The sequence argument contains UIDs instead of sequence numbers
ST_SILENT (integer)
ST_SET (integer)
CP_UID (integer)
the sequence numbers contain UIDS
CP_MOVE (integer)
Delete the messages from the current mailbox after copying with imap_mail_copy()
SE_UID (integer)
Return UIDs instead of sequence numbers
SE_FREE (integer)
Don't prefetch searched messages
SO_FREE (integer)
SO_NOSERVER (integer)
SA_MESSAGES (integer)
SA_RECENT (integer)
SA_UNSEEN (integer)
SA_UIDNEXT (integer)
SA_ALL (integer)
This mailbox has no "children" (there are no mailboxes below this one).
This is only a container, not a mailbox - you cannot open it.
LATT_MARKED (integer)
This mailbox is marked. Only used by UW-IMAPD.
This mailbox is not marked. Only used by UW-IMAPD.
This container has a referral to a remote mailbox.
This mailbox has selectable inferiors.
This mailbox has no selectable inferiors.
SORTDATE (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): message Date
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): arrival date
SORTFROM (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): mailbox in first From address
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): message subject
SORTTO (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): mailbox in first To address
SORTCC (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): mailbox in first cc address
SORTSIZE (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): size of message in octets
TYPETEXT (integer)
Primary body type: unformatted text
Primary body type: multiple part
Primary body type: encapsulated message
Primary body type: application data
TYPEAUDIO (integer)
Primary body type: audio
TYPEIMAGE (integer)
Primary body type: static image
TYPEVIDEO (integer)
Primary body type: video
TYPEMODEL (integer)
Primary body type: model
TYPEOTHER (integer)
Primary body type: unknown
ENC7BIT (integer)
Body encoding: 7 bit SMTP semantic data
ENC8BIT (integer)
Body encoding: 8 bit SMTP semantic data
ENCBINARY (integer)
Body encoding: 8 bit binary data
ENCBASE64 (integer)
Body encoding: base-64 encoded data
Body encoding: human-readable 8-as-7 bit data
ENCOTHER (integer)
Body encoding: unknown
IMAP_GC_ELT (integer)
Garbage collector, clear message cache elements.
IMAP_GC_ENV (integer)
Garbage collector, clear envelopes and bodies.
IMAP_GC_TEXTS (integer)
Garbage collector, clear texts.
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